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Jul 26, 2013 5:30pm PDT
" tonight, both the prosecution and the defense have made closing arguments. now the soldier's fate is in the hands of a judge. we get an update. >> woodruff: then, houston-based halliburton admitted to destroying evidence after the 2010 gulf oil spill. hari sreenivasan looks at the implications for the energy services company and oil giant b.p. >> brown: protesters took to the streets in two north african countries today. margaret warner fills us in on the latest in egypt, with conspiracy charges against the former president and in tunisia, after another political assassination. >> woodruff: the fukushima nuclear plant-- crippled by an earthquake and tsunami two years ago-- is leaking contaminated water into the sea. we get a rare glimpse inside the still radioactive area. >> the regalia in which i'm now standing including this, a dose meter, which will give my accumulated radiation dose across the time were inside the exclusion zone. >> brown: plus, mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the
Jul 26, 2013 2:30pm PDT
who is now a senior fellow at the foundation for the defense of democracy. you have these mass rallies across egypt. do you think that the army got the mandate that they wanted when they called for this day of action? >> i suspect that the general would be satisfied with almost any demonstration that came out on his behalf. i think it is clear that they want to crack down on the brotherhood. they need as much popular support as they can get for that and for good cause. i think that this represents still the majority of the population. the military is probably backed by a minority of the population. >> isn't this a risky strategy when the country seems so divided? >> and the generals view, it is is the only strategy they have. they're looking to keep them in a state of herman and contests. they are trying to intimidate the brotherhood. >> what do you make of these charges, that he conspired with hamas. i think they are trumped up. have known about this for quite some time. they could have used to disqualify him from running from the presidency. a really means for them to try to intimida
Jul 30, 2013 3:00pm PDT
he disclosed, and computer fraud. defense attorney davis comes hailed the acquittal on aiding the enemy saying "today is a good day, but bradley is by no means out of the fire. his supporters have argued manning is a whistle-blower who exposed official malfeasance for the public good. >> engage, roger! >> reporter: among the most incendiary of his disclosure, a 2007 video that wikileaks called "collateral murder." it showed the crew of a u.s. helicopter gunship in iraq as mate sheen gunned a group of men suspected of being iraqi insurgents. instead, those killed included a reuters news service cameraman and his driver. the 25-year-old manning had already pleaded guilty to several lesser charges. the sentencing phase on today's convictions begins tomorrow and the penalty could add up to 136 years in prison. and we'll have more on the manning verdict after the other news. >> ifill: still to come on the newshour, a new definition of cancer. senator gillibrand on curbing sexual assaults in the military; drug gangs turn honduras into the murder capital of the world; and life and de
Jul 30, 2013 2:00am PDT
pictures of private first class bradley manning. the defense called him a humanist, concerned about abuses in iraq. here's what he told the judge. he became obsessed on being suspicious and avoiding cooperation with our targets. >> reporter: but prosecutors say he's a traitor, whether or not he intended to aid the enemy, some of the 700,000 documents manning gave to wikileaks were found when navy s.e.a.l.s raided osama bin laden's compound. >> i think it theoretically could have hurt soldiers. i don't know that it did but it something we would want to guard against as a military. >> there has been no evidence whatsoever of any arm caused by these leaks. the government is saying the sky is falling, but the fact is the chi is not supporting. >> reporter: manning supporters say the judge's ruling could have a chilling effect on whistleblowers and journalists. >> if they put something on the internet if the government doesn't like it the act of putting it on the internet is an act of aiding al qaeda. >> reporter: manning facing anywhere from 20 years to life in a military prison. we will know
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Jul 24, 2013 4:00pm PDT
to the united states of america. >> and we have just learned that the amendment to the defense authorization bill proposed by republican congressman justin amash of michigan that would have essentially defunded the nsa and its surveillance program. programs that snowden had revealed, it just failed to pass the house of representatives, 217 to 205. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. the former football great accused of murder returned to court today as we track multiple new developments in his case. prosecutors say the former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez gunned down a friend of his last month. he has already pleaded not guilty. and just minutes before today's court appearance, the patriot's coach bill belichick made his first public comments on this case. he expressed sympathy for the family of the man who died. and belichick talked about the moment he first heard about it all. >> i and other members of the organization were shocked and disappointed in what we had learned. having someone in your organization that's involved in a murder investigati
Jul 25, 2013 5:30pm PDT
defense and educational fund. and hans von spakovsky. he is a senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation and testified recently at a house judiciary committee hearing on the voting rights act. welcome to both of you to the "newshour." so, nina perales, to you first, what do you make of the attorney general's announcement today? how significant is this? >> well, we very much appreciate the announcement and the effort of d.o.j. to support our request in the texas court, that texas be put under continuing supervision under the voting rights act. it's sorely needed. texas is the poster child for why we continue to need the protections of the voting rights act. and i hope that d.o.j.'s effort is just the beginning of. econtinued involvement in voting rights in texas. >> woodruff: soreliy needed. what's your reaction? >> i'm not sure that's true. it shows the critics of the supreme court decision that knocked out section 5 of the voting rights acts are wrong. this shows there are still very powerful tools in the voting rights act that the attorney general can use. in fact, this is t
Jul 26, 2013 7:00am PDT
in the shadow, the timing of her defense is being questioned. the former aide to hillary clinton is being called the good wife and the architect behind her husband's comeback. others call her overrated. the bottom line is everyone wants to know why she's standing by him. >> you have to sympathize with his wife. >> reporter: new york congressman gregory meeks is among those calling for weiner to reconsider his run. and house minority leader nancy pelosi feels even more strongly about it. >> reprehensible. it is so disrespectful of women. and what's really stunning about it, they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. >> the controversy is having an effect on weiner's bid for new york city. a poll taken after his latest admission shows him going from first place to second. the unexpected element in all of this is his wife huma seems to be under the same scrutiny as weiner himself. >> i know we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. this polls shows about 73% of new yorkers think huma standing by him made no difference at all. all right. >>> federal officials have announced the
Jul 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
this month inside a store at the san francisco gift center and jewelry mart. the defense lashed out at prosecutors, and one victim's family could not contain their anguish. >> reporter: raw pain, and anger from the family of 51- year-old lina lim. >> i want my sister back. >> why they kill her like that? he's still living. >> reporter: lim and khin min were shot and stabbed to death. lim's family came to court today for the second appearance of barry white. he killed them and injured the store owner over a dispute over a piece of jewelry. he's charged in the murder, and attempted murders of the store owner and six police officers. >> he should have the courage to face the families like us. >> reporter: white's only word in court was an agreement to put off a plea until next week. >> they want to conduct their own investigation as to what happened on july 12. part of that will certainly be an examination into this young man's health. >> reporter: white is due back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco soc
Jul 24, 2013 10:00pm PDT
and jewelry mart. the defense lashed out at prosecutors, and one victim's family could not contain their anguish. >> reporter: raw pain, and anger from the family of 51- year-old lina lim. >> i want my sister back. >> why they kill her like that? he's still living. >> reporter: lim and khin min were shot and stabbed to death. lim's family came to court today for the second appearance of barry white. he killed them and injured the store owner over a dispute over a piece of jewelry. he's charged in the murder, and attempted murders of the store owner and six police officers. >> he should have the courage to face the families like us. >> reporter: white's only word in court was an agreement to put off a plea until next week. >> they want to conduct their own investigation as to what happened on july 12. part of that will certainly be an examination into this young man's health. >> reporter: white is due back in court next wednesday to enter a plea. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco socialite has been found dead in an apartment in the small to
Jul 30, 2013 11:00am PDT
. just last month the judge agreed with the defense and ordered prosecutors if they had it to hand over specific evidence, documents relating to specific damage to national security. >> okay. chris, thank you. jake, here's my other big question because really if you read the papers this morning, the headlines, this could be precedent setting for information that is leaked that is given to investigative journalists. let me read you something. this is what we saw on wikileaks. they tweeted bradley manning's convictions relate to espionage. basic guide to honest reportage, manning has not been found guilty but he has been convicted of supplying information to the press. i mean, are there -- it goes both ways, i suppose, because he's acquitted of the heaviest offense that could have sent him to life in prison yet at the same time are journalists fully breathing that sigh of relief? >> well, as you say, the charge of aiding the enemy because of the idea, the concept that by providing information national security, confidential or secret information to the press the enemy can read it. the ide
Jul 23, 2013 8:00pm PDT
. >> brian, the thing i think links what bill o'reilly said on his program last night and ray kelly's defense of his record is the idea that the best thing you can do for young african-american men, young african-americans in general is have a very intense law and order state that is very aggressive about policing and putting wrongdoers in jail because the victims of those wrongdoers are, themselves, african-american, and you have spent your adult career working in the criminal justice system. my question to you is, does that argument have purchase with you? >> no, it really doesn't. it's a distraction. trayvon martin wasn't killed because he didn't have two parents who loved him. he wasn't killed because of some social deficit or some cultural deficit. he was killed because of a presumption of guilt. all over this country, we're allowing black and brown children to be burdened with the presumption of guilt so they live their whole lives always being suspected. we had the president of the united states acknowledging his own dealings with this presumption of guilt. when anyone says that's not
Jul 29, 2013 6:00pm PDT
a case against the other shooters. the judge ruled they fired in self-defense and said, "the law would appear to allow a person to seek out an individual, provoke them into a confrontation, then shoot and kill him if he goes for his gun. it is very much like the wild west." one of the defense attorneys added, "you can't pick or choose who's going to benefit from a law." advocates of stand your ground tend to argue the law increases public safety, but when the courts are saying it creates a wild west, acknowledging that fact as they set killers free, it's hard to take the notion of public safety seriously. the verdict in the george zimmerman trial two weeks ago might be the most high-profile example of stand your ground's unintended consequences, but it is just one of many in the eight years since then-governor jeb bush signed stand your ground into law. 13 days ago in the wake of the zimmerman verdict, a group of protesters marched into the florida state capitol, to the reception area outside governor rick scott's office. the latest sheriff of florida's wild west and those prosecutors
Jul 23, 2013 5:30pm PDT
analyst at the defense intelligence agency, now at the washington institute for near east policy. and john mearsheimer, a west point graduate and former air force officer, now a professor at the university of chicago. we thank you both, gentlemen, for being with us. jeffrey white, to you first. do you get a sense from reading this letter sent by general dempsey of what the obama administration is likely to do? >> i think we're going to see a small-scale commitment of military resources to support the rebels. nothing large, nothing too lethal. small arms and ammunition. maybe not even antitank weapons. my sense is that is a, you know, a slow movement towards a potentially greater commitment but nothing really dramatic in the way of arms. >> woodruff: small arms and ammunition. in fact, in this "washington post" story we just referenced, john mearsheimer, says that's already what's been approved. what more do you see the administration prepared to do? >> i don't think the administration is prepared to do anything else. it's very clear from general dempsey's letter that the pentagon is oppose
Jul 27, 2013 7:00am PDT
justify shooting an unarmed person as self-defense. since your state became the first to adopt stand your ground in 2005, the number of what's termed as justifiable homicides tripled from 12 to 35 per year, between 2005 and 2010. that's an increase of 283%. are you hearing us yet, governor?! what are those people outside your office, what they're trying to get you to hear is that it's going to take a lot more than last year's quickly assembled task force to show them that you take their concerns around this law seriously. they want real action, that shows you understand this law is unacceptable and should not be used to justify the death of an unarmed teenager. the problem does not begin with the tragedy that happened to trayvon martin. the problem does not even begin with the actions of george zimmerman. governor, the problem begins and remains with the stand your ground law. sincerely, melissa. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office and you know what i walked out with? [ slurps ] [ dad ] a new passat. [ dad ] 0% apr. 60 months. done and done. [ dad ] in that driveway is a german-
Jul 30, 2013 3:00am PDT
council to pay for his defense and sexually harassing allegedly women all across the greater san diego metro area. and there's that story. now let's go -- he's an idiot. let's go on and talk about the pope. >> it's a man thing. i'm sorry. they're so unbelievably entitled and confident and ridiculously self-aware. can i say that, jeremy? >> not looking at me -- >> which you are. >> oh, dear. >> can't believe that turned into -- i'm so happy. >> you can look that way. >> lovingly in the eye and say -- >> pope francis is back at the vatican after his first foreign trip as pontiff but the flight back to europe that is making headlines. during an airborne news conference on route from brazil the pope spoke with reporters for over an hour delivering candid responses to questions related to some of the church's most polarizing policies. news correspondent anne thompson has the story. >> reporter: from the mass attended by more than 3 million on the beach, to more personal encounters, spectacular images mark pope frances' trip to braz brazil. most dramatic moments came on the flight home. a no
Jul 31, 2013 3:00am PDT
the secrets with the enemy. the defense claimed manning first set out to reveal abuses by the u.s. military in iraq. in a pretrial statement to the court, manning admitted he leaked this classified video of an apache helicopter attack in iraq that killed a number of insurgents and two innocent civilians and said he was troubled by the american crew joking about the killings. >> the most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was seemingly delightful bloodlust that they appeared to have. for me, this seems similar to a child torturing ants with magnifying glasses." >> reporter: wikileaks owner julian assange says their owners will fight the conviction on the charges. >> it's a serious abuse, and it will mean the end of national security journalism in the united states as we know it. >> reporter: and legal experts predict manning's convictions will have a chilling effect on future leakers. >> the government is very, very serious about protecting the status of classified information, and people who disseminate it are playing with fire. >> all right. >> that was nbc's jim miklaszewski rep
Jul 24, 2013 8:00pm EDT
as secretary of defense being lambasted for saying you go to war with the army that you have. he was absolutely right. it sounded callous at the time but would you have to do is remain flexible. one of the things i had run into in researching this story and doing the story was if other opponents know that counterinsurgency is difficult for us and we are moving away from that and not applying mraps mraps will they adopt the strategies to hit us in our weak spot. it's absolutely true. for that reason i think a lot of the lessons that were learned in iraq and afghanistan despite some distaste for warfare need to be maintained. i'm not a big fan of getting rid of all but mraps that we spend tens of millions of dollars on. we may need them again but the idea that you are training for the last war at least in this case is not what they are doing. they are trying to train for what they think would be another war instead of a small war or counterinsurgency. i would like to think that they are flexible enough to be able to do both to preserve those lessons but the really scary emerging threats are happe
Jul 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
yesterday i told the voters other texts and photos were likely to come out and today they have. that defense sounds to me like hey, voters, you were warned. >> let's say he is the chuck yager of sex scandals. he is constantly pushing the envelope. this is the right stuff for sex scandals. nobody has ever been here before but what will be his undoing, savannah, the longer we go out from this point and press conference we'll look at the timeline and realize what he was doing and what he was saying publicly while he was having the "people" magazine articles written about anthony weiner, and the new york times magazine cover, we supposedly got a new and improved anthony weiner, and it was obviously a different person called carlos danger. >> the name he went by. i want to ask you about huma abedin. she is asking voters to make a distinction between the personal and political saying she has forgiven him but hasn't she herself blurred that line now by putting herself into the campaign? she is in the campaign videos and she spoke yesterday at the news conference. >> what she did yesterday was extra
Jul 27, 2013 8:50pm EDT
could reach it. i guess this tragedy is unspeakable. andcannot start a fight then claim self-defense when you lose. as members of congress is we enact policy and .e make laws in this country the white house should do the same. all would beo you as members of congress and looking at the plight of black men and boys, all of those things, what is it you would like to see in terms of congress or the white house in dealing with this issue? people to for other understand. maybe my anger is more than other people as i think i did a bunch a right things in life to get where i am, but when i am home and sometimes in the elevator in this building, i'm still just a young black dude that probably is not supposed to be here. how do we invest resources? how do we pump that into our communities and raise those expert agents for the young, black males and give them that deal of self worth and with the anger at the same time that when someone does that to me, i cannot act out? i have to do like what jackie robinson did and suck it up and take it even though i am a member of congress and the person wh
Jul 30, 2013 12:35am PDT
to work anymore. >> jimmy: in his defense, though, he did just get off the phone with time warner. [ laughter ] no -- yes. [ applause ] yes. representative -- representative -- representative -- represent-ta-tive. [ laughter ] human, human person. [ laughter ] this is not good. it you hear about this? i love the "game of thrones." you love "game of thrones." >> steve: i love it. >> jimmy: well, hbo is actually running out of story ideas for "game of thrones" because of author george r.r. martin hasn't finished the final two books in the series. that's when you know literature is hurting. when even the guy writing them is like "oh, i'll just watch the tv show." [ laughter ] have you guys been watching honey boo-boo? she's back on. "here comes honey boo-boo," love that show. last week's episode, the whole family, they're talking about -- it's unbelievable, this show. they're talking about oranges, and they had an interesting theory about how an orange is made. i don't know if the theory holds up. watch this clip. >> you know what i don't get about oranges? >> what. >> how they're al
Jul 31, 2013 3:00pm PDT
, a lot of backchannel communications, right, between defense secretary, secretary of state, and their counter-parts. i mean, is the u.s. having any influence at all? what does today's development do to their ability to keep that balancing act going? >> i think the united states really has to make it clear-- not necessarily publicly but certainly privately-- that if the u.s.-egyptian relationship is going to be maintained, human rights have to be recognized, and there can't be an excessive use of force against any protesters, whether it's the brotherhood or others. and i hope that message is being made at the highest level. >> warner: do you think it's getting through? >> it doesn't seem that the egyptian military leadership has taken any of the advice the u.s. has given. you know, as this whole thing has unfolded over the last few weeks. look, egypt is a big, important country, it's next door to israel. the united states is very reluctant to cut egypt loose. that's what they they feel they would be doing by suspending assistance but the united states is going to be facing a
Jul 25, 2013 1:40am PDT
two children. the defense tried to claim he drank antifreeze to commit suicide. >>> the father of trayvon martin is on a mission, vowing to keep trayvon martin's name not dragged through the mud as it was during the trial. as for zimmerman, his first post verdict for ray into the public eye is raising some questions now. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: they were the words of a father channeling anguish into action on capitol hill. >> i vow to do everything in my power not to give up the fight for him, not only to fight for trayvon but to fight for so many other young, black and brown boys of this country. >> reporter: after george zimmerman was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin, his father, tracy martin, made the opening remarks at the first-ever meeting of the congressional caucus on black men and boys. martin, a truck driver by profession, has appeared in multiple interviews and public appearances since the july 13th verdict. george zimmerman had all but disappeared until last week when police say he happened upon an suv that rolled over and helped the
Jul 24, 2013 11:00pm EDT
witness account. followed live at 10:00 as president obama and defense secretary chuck hagel pay tribute to americans who served american history tv every weekend on c-span 3. >>> thursday president obama delivered his first in a series of speeches on the economy and the middle class. next some of what speaker john boehner said in response to the speech. see this and other events related to the president's speech any time on our website, >> mr. speaker, my colleagues i was interested today to hear that the president of going to give a speech about the economy. after all republicans have a growth plan for growth and jobs. we've been focused on that plan and certainly welcome the president's ideas. but the white house said it's not expected to say anything new in our no new proposal in the speech. the president himself said -- change any minds, all right. well, so exactly what will change? what is the point? what is it going to accomplish? probably got the answer, nothing. it's a hollow shell. it's an easter egg with no candy. if the president wants to help he ought to improve
Jul 27, 2013 12:00pm PDT
defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> all right. welcome back @donlemoncnn, i'm getting a lot of people that agree with me and some that don't. it doesn't matter to me, it needed to be said. chicago congresswoman is here with us along with the rest of my panel. thank you for joining us. i appreciate you coming in here on a saturday. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. i'll start with you, congresswoman, did you take issue -- >> okay. >> -- anything i said or do you think those are tough words that people need to hear? >> i mean, i think it's depending -- there's some people that fit what you're saying but also we tend to -- i told you i felt like it was a little harsh because we tend to talk about black-on-black crime but if you look at the percentages, there's white-on-white crime. if you look at the mass murders, those are mostly whites. white males that have killed in a massive way. >> but african-american, young african-american men, commit more crime than any other age group, any other ethnicity combined, so why would -- wh
Jul 28, 2013 12:15am EDT
and then claim self-defense when you lose. members of o as congress as we enact policy, we make laws and we should set the priorities in this country and the white house should do the same. so my question to you all would be as members of congress and looking at the plight of our black men and boys from mandatory minimum sentences to expulsion rates to all of those things, what is it you would like to see in terms of congress or the white house in dealing with this issue? and it's hard for other people to understand and maybe my anger is a little more than other people because i think i did a bunch of things right in life to get to where i am. but when i'm home and sometimes in the ell have it or the in this building without a member pin, i'm still just a young black dude that probably is not supposed to be here. so how do we invest resources? how do we pump that into our communities and raise those expectations for our young black males and give them that sense of self-worth and deal with the anger at the same time that when someone does that to me i can't act out. i have to do like jackie
Jul 24, 2013 7:00am PDT
. his wife a steady by his side. speaking up in his defense. >>: >>: anthony has made some horrible mistakes. but i do very strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage. >>: and her carefully chosen words i felt like it was worth staying in this marriage. that is a decision i made for me, for our son and for our family. >>: it was extraordinary that she spoke at all. >>darya: at usa today asked its readers to name some of the worst airports in america. in no particular order these are all bat according to travelers. new york city's laguardia, lax, denver, kansas city international and the dulles as. either they're born in, they're dirty, know where to spend hours, and convenient. that's what people think maker break and airports. think and >>james: and the mouth passengers fell asleep on her seat partner. 943 is the time right now. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. let's take a peek at the approach to the bay bridge for it looks ok. we'll be right back. >>anny: 946 right now. a double live look outside with all of the sunshine. it can see walnut creek lo
Jul 29, 2013 8:00pm EDT
't bring in the in to thes statements stage trial thinking you can make the defense testify. can't make the defendant testify or use a technique like that. technique.a good but i digress. ut anyway, to come back to the domestic violence, on a very serious note. information and that we realize that we talk about gang violence. gun violence. we talk about all of the it is starting at home. domestic 't forget violence. it's an extremely important issue that must be considered. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> next, we'll hear from the group leader of gang violence. >> good evening. dr. sharon ladeker, labor of love performing arts academy and the community that we all live in. was -- our our i facilitated it, in gangs. we had a good time. danny davis was there. we went a bit off. we got into gangs, we got into ex-offenders, we got into a lot stuff. we think we covered it all. but if you think about gangs, we young black kids involved in gang activities. that's the why question. why are they involved? everything that was said in the session is one young man got up n the back, one of our
Jul 31, 2013 3:00am PDT
. >> if senator paul wants to look at where he's going to cut spending to afford defense maybe he should look at cutting the pork barrel spending he brings home to kentucky. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon? we have two military bases in kent candidate as governor christie, is he recommending we shut down our military bases? >> i mean well that's one way to put it i guess. what is going on between these two men? >> it july, almost august 2013 or are we in 2015-2016. two of the most colorful, confident and combative voices in the republican party, it's about politics and something bigger. the republicans are out of power, they've lost the last two presidential elections so you're trying to find out not only who you want as a leader but who you are as a party. what are they fighting about, taxing and spending, pork barrel spending, rand paul and chris christie in a big fight over the nsa surveillance program. chris christie says it's a good program, talks about the 9/11 victims in his state of new jersey, rand paul says it's too much government so they're having a big debate abo
Jul 26, 2013 1:40am PDT
manslaughter. >> not guilty. >> reporter: zimmerman claims heap shot trayvon martin in self defense and is now in hiding. >> justice for -- >> trayvon martin. >> reporter: after protests supporting trayvon sparked nationwide. >> i think if there had been one or two more matties could have been a hung jury. >> reporter: mattie wrestles with whether she made the right decision. >> i stand by the decision because of the law. if i stand by the decision because of my heart he would have been guilty. >> reporter: mattie owes trayvon martin's parents an apology she feels she was forcefully included in his death. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> see much more of robin's interview with juror b-29 later on "good morning america." >> well this is not a good week for new york mayor candidate anthony weiner. new revelations about his online sexual relationships are making his prospects worse. volunteering at a soup kitchen weiner said he may have sexted three women since he left congress in disgrace. then he kept talking. >> it's not dozens and dozens. it is -- six to ten. i suppose. but i can't tell
Jul 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
a horrible job of drawing the lines between the dots. and let's admit it, the defense had the wind behind its back and it was able to make an argument and a narrative that was compelling, even to a woman who emotionally felt that this was the wrong decision. >> i felt, congresswoman, i think that's part of what was so stunning about what she said, is actually here -- you know, we've had the president say trayvon martin could have been my son or if i had a son he would look like trayvon martin. well, her sons might also look like trayvon martin. might be subject to the same pressures. and yet she still felt that the law made it impossible for her to move on that instinct that she was having. >> sure. and this explains i think very clearly why we need to repeal first of all the stand your ground laws. that's a must do. secondly, it also reveals inequities in our criminal justice system that need to be looked at and closed. thirdly, melissa, i just have to say, and i agree with you, michael, but every now and then you have to take a stand. i would have hung that jury. i would have hung that jury
Jul 30, 2013 6:00am EDT
that did not work in sanford be, florida. dealing with stand your ground. dealing with the self-defense that lines up people who want to not do right can use to avoid prosecution. but one thing we have to concede is that we're not getting killed with a fist. we're getting killed with guns in the wrong hands and bullets, and you have to ask yourself where are all these coming from. so the justice working group and the congressional black caucus, we're hearing all of that, is going to to the hard questions -- ask the hard questions, produce legislation and also soon the resources -- seek the resources. because there's nothing wrong with asking, as bobby has said, let children be our priority from the federal level that deals with education and summer jobs. and i will leave to the experts about how the gangs are moving around, whether it's turf, whether it's drugs or whether it's one gang against another. but we do know seem are dying. and i think we need to leave here with the burden of the members who put together an omnibus, an emergency plan and funding. and i can tell you that no one
Jul 30, 2013 7:00am PDT
while he was an intel analyst in baghdad. the defense argues that manning is a whistleblower. that he leaks the secrets in order to uncover abuses by the u.s. military in the war on iraq. but the prosecution contends that manning is nothing but a hacker. that he's not a whistleblower but a traitor. the most serious charges against him are aiding the enemy and espionage because many of them ended in the hands of bin laden. if convicted on either of the most serious charges the 25-year-old manning could spend the rest of his life in a military prison. >>> jim, at the pentagon, thank you. john kerry hosted israelis and palestians at the white house. the dinner is a symbolic start to the talks between the two parties. >>> two people were hurt when two trains collided head on in western switzerland. five of the people were recorded to have serious injuries. it's not clear what caused the crash. police are still searching this morning for an inmate who escaped from an arkansas jail. whole thing was caught on tape. you can see 33-year-old derrick estelle on the floor. moments later he gets u
Jul 31, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. the secretary then certifies that her department has achieved operational control. the defense of operational control is weakened from current lawsm thlaw.the bill defines it- quote -- "conditions in which there is not lower than 90% illegal border crossing effectiveness rate informed by situational awareness and a significant reduction in the movement of illicit drugs and other contraband through such areas." the government accountability office would attest if certification for operational control is truly done. what if the secretary never certifies this? what if the g.a.o. says the secretary's certification isn't accurate. if the department fails to achieve control of the border, then they have to issue a report to explain why. again, it lacks any true accountability for this or any future administration to actually secure the border. finally, i want to mention one part of the house bill that is most concerning to me. during committee markup, an amendment in the house was accepted that would require a plan on the exit tracking system and unfortunately there's no beef to it. implementation
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